Prof. Irit Amit-Cohen | Dr. Roni Nehoray | Dr. Tseira Maruani  | Architect Dr. Keren Metrany


The Department of Geography and environment allows its students to practice different aspects of Israel planning policy. The purpose of this program is to get a deeper knowledge in planning and development process in old urban areas and in rural areas, open spaces and nature reserves. Students in this program are gaining skills in analyzing social tendency together with economical process and their impact on national, regional and local planning policy. 

The program includes practical and theoretical courses; acquaintance in Israel planning laws, advanced courses in architecture; Environmental Policy and Planning; Regional Planning; using G.I.S for urban and regional planning; AutoCad Map software.

The program fits the needs of the job-market, Students who study in this program can find job in local authorities, governmental and private planning offices.