Geomorphology & Soil Lab

Head of the lab: Prof. Sarah Pariente

Manager of the lab: Dr. Natan fragin


The research in the Laboratory of Geomorphology and Soil is focused on:

1. Spatio-dynamics of patterns of soil properties, over land flow and erosion under various climatic conditions and land use activity;

2. Soil - water – vegetation – animals - erosion relationships under the impact of natural and/or anthropogenic factors;

3. Land degradation and desertification;

4. Overland flow generation – surface roughness relations;


Within these general topics studies are carried out. For example:

Overland flow generation and soil erosion in agricultural lands;

Effect of raindrops temperature on overland flow connectivity and soil erosion;

Urban soils status and population behavior: mutual relations;

Resilience of soil (aggregation, organic matter etc.) to environmental change;

Effects of livestock on the ecogeomorphic system in semi-arid zones;

Overland flow generation on various surface roughness (smooth, asphalts etc).

Soil contamination as affected by traffic intensity.