About the Department of Geography and Environment

The Department of Geography and Environment at Bar Ilan University was founded in 1969 as the Department of Geography. In 2005 “Environment” was formally added to the name to reflect the increasing focus on the study of environmental topics and issues. The department offers BA, MA, and PhD degrees with specialization in physical geography, social geography, environmental studies, Remote sensing and GIS. The academic staff includes nine full time, permanent faculty members as well as twelve adjunct lecturers. Their fields of specialization cover a wide range of topics in both geography and environmental studies. The physical geography faculty members have expertise in meteorology, climatology, oceanography, geology, landscape ecology, environmental chemistry, geomorphology, petrology, GIS and remote sensing of the atmosphere. Active extramural research is being conducted in all of these fields. In the current academic year there are 106 students studying for the BA degree, 14 MA students, and 21 doctoral students.