The aim of the MA and especially PhD programs is to advance students' independent research skills combined with more sophisticated theoretical understandings of geographical processes and the underlying theories that explain them. The goal is to help the students develop their proficiency in both qualitative and quantitative research methods, with subsequent focusing on one type of research chosen in line with their research questions or – in the optimal scenario – combining both methodological paradigms in their work.

We are proud that graduates of the Department of Geography and Environment proceed to be employed in key positions in the private and public sectors: in government offices (such as the Ministries of Internal Affairs, Agriculture, Tourism and Environmental Protection); public authorities (the Meteorological Service, the Hydrological Service, The National Agency for Geodesy, Cadastre, Mapping and Geographic Information, The Israel Land Administration, and The Israel Nature and Parks Authority); local municipalities and regional councils; environmental planning offices; research institutes; teaching institutions; tourism sites; and a growing variety of organizations using geographical information systems (GIS).

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