Drainage Basin Management

Group Name: Developing an integrative watershed management model towards conservation agriculture 

Group Members: Prof. Irit Amit-Cohen, Dr. Roey Egozi, Dr. Tseira Maruani, Dr. Naftali Goldshleger, Mr. Alon Peretz


Riparian landscapes are natural habitats of unique ecological, environmental and scenic values, which are highly sensitive to human intervention and impact. In addition, they are potentially attractive for recreation purposes, especially in arid and semi-arid zones like Israel. Nevertheless, rivers and riparian landscapes in Israel have been deteriorating over the years due to various negative impacts, including pollution by industrial and agricultural effluents, agricultural cultivation methods, reduced quantity and quality of soil and water resources, institutional factors, land use conflicts and loss of cultural assets.


The purpose of this research is to develop an integrative basin management model (IBMM), based on the eastern Poleg River Basin as a case study. The proposed IBMM will take into consideration, among others, institutional structures, statutory planning decisions, stakeholders' interests, and existing natural and cultural landscape assets,  and will aim to reduce negative impacts on the riparian system and offer opportunities for ecologically-sensitive development for economic and recreation purposes.