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Prof. Emeritus Sofer Michael

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    Prof. Michael Sofer is an economic geographer lecturing in the Department of Geography at Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel. He obtained his BA and MA from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and his Ph.D. from Melbourne University, Australia. He is involved in the activities of the International Geographical Union as the chairman of the Israel National Committee for the IGU. His research fields focus on issues of local and regional development with specific interest in economic transformation of the rural space in developed and developing countries; economic and social changes in the rural-urban fringe; and environmental issues related to industrial activities in residential areas. His experience evolved in work in Fiji, India, Tanzania, Romania and Israel. He also serves as co-editor of for the international journal: Journal of Rural Cooperation.
    Public activities
    Chairman, Israel National Committee for the International Geographical Union
    Member, The Israeli President Commission: The Israeli Rural Space 2025
    Public activities
    Specialization fields
    Economic geography
    Transformation in employment and land uses in the Moshav
    Transformation in the rural-urban fringe
    Industrialization, entrepreneurship and the environment in Arab settlements in Israel
    Transformation in the Fijian village
    Selected publications since 2005
    Sofer, M. (2005) The Future of Family Farming in Israel: The Second Generation in the Moshav, The Geographical Journal, Vol. 171, pp. 357-368.
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    Research fields
    Transformation in the rural space in Israel
    Entrepreneurship in the rural space
    Environmental issues in the Arab settlements in Israel\
    Issues of rural and regional development in developing countries
    Local and regional development

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