Prof. Yishai Weinstein


Geology is the study of the solid Planet Earth. It studies the Earth’s materials and their deformation, with highlight on processes and forcing mechanisms. The geology seeks to understand the main driving forces that shape the landscape, cause earthquakes and volcanism and the transformation of material between different reservoirs on planet earth. The Geology includes (first of all) field study, geochemistry, structural geology, sedimentology, paleontology  (‘fossil’ studies), geophysics, remote sensing and more. It includes basic/theoretic studies, such as the understanding of the structure of Earth and the composition of its interior, as well as very practical issues, such as oil and gas, water and ore studies. Geology is not confined to Planet Earth, and many geologists dedicate their time to the study of other planets in the Solar system.


In the Dept. of Geography at BIU, we research two fields in Geology:

  1. Volcanology, in particular the interaction of surface water with magma;
  2. The interaction of seawater with seafloor sediments.


In classes, we highlight various geological subjects, such as natural hazards, energy and environment, volcanism, geochemistry, geochronology and groundwater hydrology.